Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A yoga class to remember Summer

It's been a year since we lost our yoga teacher and friend, Summer Autio, to ovarian cancer. She touched many of our lives forever. Summer lived with passion and her passion was teaching yoga. Summer wrote this in her blog: “If I could have what I want I would be well again and teaching and appreciating my freedom so I could do my life's work.”

Please join us on Wednesday night at 7:30 as we will be dedicating our yoga practice to remembering her playful spirit. To all the ways she opened us up, changed us and helped us grow. We will remember some of her favorite songs and poses and of course that beautiful smile!

This class will be lead by Theresa DeMarco and held at Yoga Vista on Wednesday, August 8th and you are invited.

Yoga Vista Studio
319 E. Broadway
Vista, CA 92084

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lahdeedasana - Yoga Tee for Summer's Hope

As we all reflect on what we are thankful for - particularly at this time of year - it would be difficult to neglect thinking of the time each of us spent with Summer. 

So the story goes, after some particularly difficult poses during one class, Summer leaned back onto her hands with her legs stretched out in front of her for a brief moment of relaxation and asked everyone to do the "Lahdeedasana".  Sherry Zak Morris, Veronica Lisowski and the wonderful team at Yoga Vista Studio have created the Lahdeedasana t-shirt in memory of Summer's playfulness.  The 100% organic cotton shirt showcases the golden sun of Summer's Hope at heart center and the teal color of the ocean waves representing ovarian cancer and the many beautiful women she has joined with her passage.  Proceeds from the sale of the shirt will support Summer's family during this time of transition.

Please visit http://www.lahdeedasana.com/index.html or http://summershope.com/ for more information and additional pictures.


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